Hayley during Part II at Reading Festival 2014 

Hayley during LTFB outro at Reading Festival 2014

Paramore: For a Pessimist, Im Pretty Optimistic Live at Reading Festival 2014


I started a petition to get riot reissued on vinyl. Maybe if we show the band there are enough people willing to buy it then they’ll reissue it. Ebay prices for it range from $200-$900 and that’s a little too much if you ask me. Anyway go HERE to sign the petition

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MINI ILL HAYLEY. we are all aware that @yelyahwilliams has been sick these past couple of days, she’s also being hard on herself about it. But remember that nothing heals illness better than good vibes!!! So send her “get better soon” tweets!! If you could get her to see this that would be pretty sweet also! SHARE so we can get Hayley smiling! #Monumentour #paramore #getwellsoonhayley

So sweet. Well done. :)

sending all the good vibes (and artwork) hayleys way. ❤

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This is the greatest pressure flip I’ve ever seen.. Hayley really nails the landing [x]

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Paramore’s Hayley Williams Makes You Feel Great [x]

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